Our History

The History of Crystal Pier Hotel - Family owned since 1961

"A Short History of Crystal Pier" by John Fry

Available for purchase at Crystal Pier hotel or by email: mail@johnfry.com

The Cottages, built in 1930, have a history of guests enjoying the unique experience of 'Sleeping over the Ocean'. The Pier itself has had a bumpy ride as its construction, which began in the early 1920's, progressed in starts and stops.
Since 1927 Crystal Pier has been a popular vacation destination.  Once known as Pickering's Pleasure Pier and now the historic Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach has become a beach lover's haven.
On April 19, 1936 ten years and one day after the original opening Crystal Pier was once more open for business. Along the way the pier had seen the Crystal ballroom along with a "Midway" built at the end of the pier, lasting only three months.

A view of the midway and the short lived Crystal Ballroom. At one time in its history the Crystal Pier housed a long area of carnival like attractions leading to the newly constructed Crystal Ballroom. Both lasting for only three months before closing.
Despite the history of changing ownership and disputes with the city, the Pier has endured and been Family Owned since 1961. Today it houses beautiful Cape Cod style cottages with modern amenities such as kitchenettes, private patios, and individual parking. There truly is no other place quite like the unique Crystal Pier Hotel.